It's all about smell

We are Planet Smell

Dogs are known for their exceptional olfactory power, yet we miss to factor in this evident truth in addressing behavioral issues. Combining with Pavlov’s principle, PLANET SMELL applies the science of olfaction—that is , the environment and events as perceived by the dog (through his nose) in behavior modification.

Also in our toolbox are Socialization ,
Calming Signals, and Physical Activities.

“My dog has behavior issues.”

Our special program deals
with the following behavior issues:

  • Aggression
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Destructive Behaviors

Duration of the program varies ,depending on the case and  the owner’s (pet parent) commitment.  Planet Smell is not a boarding school,  the remedial exercises take place right in the dog’s own environment- home, and the owner has an active role in the whole course.



The canine-human symbiosis is at its best when all 6 legs are moving.  All the benefits we claim to have in living with a dog are in the context of a balanced life .   The seminar-workshop deals with important issues on both sides of the leash-the dog’s behavior as well as the owner’s.

This is a straighforwad seminar with the following objectives:

  • To educate on the importance of meeting the canine’s social , physical , and emotional needs.
  • To provide safe activities that stimulate the dog’s and human’s general well-being.
  • To promote humane and scientific systems in dog training.
  • To promote harmony among dog owners and groups  as exemplified by the canine’s order of social living
  • To advance the Asian mindset on canine care

Interested in having the Dog-Life seminar in your community?

Here are the requirements :

  • Minimum 12 participants , maximum is 50
  • Provide the venue , must have sound system
  • Promote the event
  • Submit the the online form


The Dog-Life Seminar is not the same with the dog training classes (which we also offer). This activity is mainly an indoor activity.


 Socialization in the early stage of a dog’s life is the key to a well-mannered dog. The Puppy Kindergarten is a weekly gathering of young dogs not more than 20 weeks old. Exercises are specially designed to expose the puppies to various situations, places and people -preparing them for the real world with confidence.